Friday, December 26, 2008

The Changing of the Guard

Even 12 thousand years ago (give or take) Atlanea had newspeople.  Here one emcees the transfer of power from Firstman Twigg to the new guy.

Enter the new guy

And now Twigg's successor arrives.  You'll notice that he's riding a unicycle.  All Atlanteans ride unicycles.  It's an ethnic thing.  The new Firstman, however, dresses somewhat differently from most, to emphasize his birth in an island colony of Atlantea.  

The Plot Thickens

As we see here, Atlantea has a system coincidentally much like ours, where the head of state (Firstman) is selected by some mysterious process for a limited terms, and, as we see here, Firstman Twigg is preparing to retire from the responsibility.

First strip

This is our first Atlantea strip.  Atlantea is obviously today's world, but set in the mythical past in Atlantis before it sank.  This strip introduces Eljor, the Prophet of Doom, who seems to be the only person in Atlantea who is aware of the problem.  Three guesses who he's based on.